We polish concrete for warehouses, retail stores, offices, storage facilities, commercial operations,  and residential projects.

  1. Concrete Grind & Seal

    Our most economical package. Grind off paint or mastic for a clean slab. Add acrylic sealer and it’s done.

  2. Polished Concrete Floors

    Smooth floors refined by mechanical polishing. We use fine grit diamonds to get your floors to shine

  3. Concrete Staining

    Add the color of your choice to your concrete. We apply a translucent water-based dye that will enhance the natural variations.

  4. Concrete Resurfacing

    Add a thin (1/8″ or less) micro cement topping to your slab to give it a whole new surface.

  5. Cleaning & Maintenance

    Concrete floors are low maintenance, but not maintenance free. Eventually dirt and wear take their toll. Quickly bring your floors back to life with cleaning and sealing.