Example of cracked up flooring
The one floor we couldn’t polish.

How much do polished concrete floors cost?
Cost varies, depending on the job size, amount of prep work, the color and finish. In general concrete resurfacing is competitive with the price of quality tile work.

What’s the difference between polishing and grinding?
Polishing and grinding are two products that start the same and end differently. Polished concrete is a multi-step process of grinding/honing/polishing the concrete floor. Grinding concrete is a simple one or two step process for a clean, functional floor

Can you polish outside?
We do not recommend polished concrete outside. Rather, we recommend simple grinding and sealing.

How long does concrete resurfacing or concrete polishing take?
Generally 3-5 days is a good rule of thumb, depending on the size

Can you work around cabinets/fixtures?
Yes, but it is easier and less costly when none are in the way.

Which should we do first: concrete floors or paint the walls?
We prefer to go first, just after demo. The more open and unfinished the area, the faster and less costly. If walls are already framed and ready, we can work around them.

Do the colors fade or wear out?
As long as the concrete is sealed, color and stain will not fade.

What kind of maintenance does concrete require?
Simple washing with a mild detergent is all that’s required. Occasionally the concrete may need to be resealed depending on wear. Concrete floor maintenance is similar to hardwood floors.

We just poured a new slab. How long do we have to wait before we can polish it?
A good rule is 7 days/inch. So a 4 inch slab means 28 days before it can be polished.

You guys sound great! How do I get in touch?
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